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Illuminated Helmet with Programmable Lamps and Proximity Sensor

The lucky few do triathlon as their livelihood.  I am not one of those lucky few!  And more likely than not, you aren’t either! If this is true, inevitably you find yourself riding at the crack of dawn or getting … Continue reading

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Relief from Cycling Hot Spots

When I was newer to triathlon, I used to experience numbness and discomfort in my feet when I went for a bike ride for anything over a couple hours.  This numbness/discomfort always originated at the hot spot – the region … Continue reading

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Swim Paddles to Minimize Shoulder Strain

I had just finished my swim sets a couple days ago at the pool (doing freestyle) when the young man who was sharing my lane told me that he was training for his first triathlon.  Naturally, this spawned additional conversation.  Before we … Continue reading

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Exchangeable Hub Cartridges

Today’s invention pertains to hub systems, and more particularly to a hub gearing system contained within a cartridge which may be swapped with another hub gearing system within another cartridge of the same shape and size. First, a bit of … Continue reading

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Stability Shoe Design

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If you’re like me, at least some of the time you run, you train with stability shoes.  I’m partial to them when increasing mileage or recovering from an injury; of course, sometimes I just mix them into my running routine … Continue reading

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