Sports Bra

Ok, before I begin to venture down this road, I want to profess to the ladies reading this, I don’t know much about sports bras and I’m not pretending to!  If you have a comment on today’s post (and I’ve just simply missed the boat), feel free to really lay it out there; but please be kind!

That being said, I do have a very athletic spouse with whom I’ve gone shopping on numerous occasions for women’s athletic apparel.  Allow me to say:  I don’t envy you gals!  Finding the right fit appears to be tiresomely difficult.

Today’s topic pertains to an exercise or sports bra that appears to alleviate some fitting concerns.  The garment may include adjustable shoulder straps (102, 104) and under supports (166, 167) with gel padding.  In addition, the garment may be produced using commercially available fabrics that breathe and wick moisture away from the body.

Unique to this garment is a circumferential tightening structure which allows adjustment around the woman’s torso.  Each side of the garment has a rear and front panel (106, 108).  And each side may have a flap (112, 114) that extends (for example) from the rear panel (106) to the front panel (108).  The flap may be fixed at the rear panel but be attachable and adjustable to the front panel.  And the attachable portion may be hook and loop (135, 136) (e.g., Velcro (TM)).

Thus, the circumferential tightening structure may provide a more customized fit and additionally may make the garment universally appealing.

Today’s patent was issued on May 8, 2012 to Jennifer V. Swendseid of St. Louis Park, MN. The full text may be found here.  The patent is assigned to Heart & Core, LLC, also in Minnesota. (both sites were last visited May 9, 2012)


I write this blog without taking a position as to the usefulness, desirability, novelty, aesthetics, functionality, etc. of the products or processes discussed in my posts.  Naturally, readers are free to take any position they prefer and comment accordingly, provided it is in good taste.  However, if I am silent with respect to your comment, such silence should not be construed as any agreement or disagreement to the comment; I hope you can appreciate that I simply prefer to remain neutral in such matters and merely report Patent Office news.  Thanks!  🙂

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2 Responses to Sports Bra

  1. Colleen says:

    No velcro for me, thanks. If [your wife] wants a great bra (good support without a flat chest), try the Ta Ta Tamer!
    Not sure if there is a patent on this one, but it still rocks! And has an awesome name!

  2. angeladurazo says:

    I like this and as an athlete with a bigger bust, I always have issues finding supportive, adjustable sports bras.

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