About this BLOG

This blog is intended to provide insight into potentially new triathlon-related technology.  This technology will obviously encompass swimming, cycling, and running equipment but will also venture into some equipment related to cross-training, strength training, as well as various methodologies, as appropriate, for accomplishing the same.

The technology introduced is through the lens of patentable or allegedly patentable subject matter.  That is, newly issued patents will be discussed as well as published patent applications.  Under present patent law, most patent applications are published 18 months after filing.  Due to prosecution time and a backlog at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, most applications are still pending when they publish – meaning a determination of patentability has not yet been made.

It may also be important to note that some technology introduced via this blog may be already in the marketplace.  And some of it may be forthcoming.

It may be of interest to the reader that patentability can be based upon actual or constructive reduction to practice.  Actual reduction to practice may include the inventor constructing an embodiment of the invention or performing the invention (in the case of processes) and demonstrating that the embodiment or process operates for its intended purpose.  On the other hand, constructive reduction to practice essentially means filing a patent application.  Therefore, the reader will appreciate that some patents and applications shown herein may be theoretical.

The author does not endorse any specific products or processes or any other material published herein and only intends to facilitate general summary information to the public.

And of course, the author hopes you enjoy the site!

Happy Training!



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