About Ironman Mont Tremblant

Well, I’m back.  Admittedly, I’ve given new meaning to the term ghost writer – first a writer, then a ghost.  On my “About” page, I discussed that I am currently training to complete Ironman Mont Tremblant (IMMT) in Québec in August 2012.  Well, the last couple months of life were extremely hectic . . .

Not only did my work load intensify at the firm during the summer months, but of course so also did my volume of training.  Anyone who have completed an Ironman (or has been the spouse of someone who has completed an Ironman) will testify, the final months of Ironman training is a full-time job almost in itself.  On top of all this, I had to go and break my ribs on the Fourth of July – cycling of course.  Yes, I crashed my bike – after averting a minor road hazard, I caught my pedal on the curb and flew over the handlebars landing on my chest . . .  I didn’t get up right away!

After the injury, I wasn’t able to swim, bike, or run for nearly 2 weeks.  On numerous attempts, I tried swim or cycle; swimming a single length of the pool was agonizing and any time I attempted to cycle on the road, I felt the smallest, normally unnoticeable bump in the road as the vibration seemed to resonate in my fractured chest.

Thanks to the encouragement of two special people, my wife and a friend in my local triathlon club, I determined that I was going to compete and agonize my way through any remaining training.  They convinced me that all the training I had undergone in the last 10-11 months would still carry me through the race.  So, I trained – and the training was painful.  After several weeks, the pain began to lessen.  I shortened my taper period to 10 days rather than three weeks.  And during this 10 days, I gave myself extra rest.

In the end, Ironman Tremblant was conquered!  Following the swim, I felt my ribs ache a bit and then never felt a thing again that day!  I finished the race in 13 hours – which was slower than my original goal, but much faster than I anticipated that day, under the circumstances!  It truly is one of the greatest experiences and life lessons I’ve ever had.

And finally, since IMMT I’ve enjoyed some time relaxing with my family and getting a few tasks completed around the house . . . ahhhhhh!

I’d like to just add this little note of gratitude:  thank you to my beautiful and wonderfully supportive spouse and to my parents – specifically, my mother who worried enough for the both of us (especially after the cycling crash) and my wife’s parents who helped us along every leg of the trip to and from Michigan, especially with our little babies.  Thank you and God bless you all!


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